9/13/23 – ‘Computer vision’ reveals unprecedented physical and chemical details of how a lithium-ion battery works
Article published in SLAC News

9/13/23 – Pixel-by-pixel analysis yields insights into lithium-ion batteries
Article published in MIT News

4/5/21 – DOE labs unveil blueprint for fast EV charging
Article published in Energywire

3/8/21 – In a leap for battery research, machine learning gets scientific smarts
SLAC press release

12/26/20 – The Battery Software Open Source Landscape
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10/12/20 – AI Is Throwing Battery Development Into Overdrive
Article published in Wired magazine

6/1/20 – Lighting the way to better battery technology
Doctoral candidate Supratim Das wants the world to know how to make longer-lasting batteries that charge mobile phones and electric cars.

3/25/19 – Battery lifetime from machine learning
Nature publishes paper and artwork

4/3/17 – Multi-university effort will advance materials, define the future of mobility

3/31/17 – Toyota using A.I. as part of battery research grants